I missed the last Band of Brothers event last month, due to my back surgery. One of the people I connected with at the last event reached out to me afterwards, and I was blessed with their kind and encouraging words.

Here was his message to me:

"The last Band of Brothers event was amazing. So much... where do I start. I missed you very much. I went to the Prayer Station and gave my testimony of when you prayed for me, and a few guys received prayer. I explained of the power and works the Holy Spirit did after I met you there. I prayed for your back with a couple of the guys. The Lord revealed a lot to me including trials that started as I was there at home. Just a lot of demonic attacks but this has just fueled me to push forward and not retreat."

"Kyle Thompson's preaching almost started the next revolutionary war. Lol. He was powerful and I was able to minister to a few people the Lord sent to me and many guys were able to pour into me too."

"How are you feeling by the way? I love you man, and I never forget how the Lord used you mightily in my life."

God is so good. When you are listening to the Holy Spirit, He can bring divine appointments and use you to reach people for Jesus. I was so encouraged by this word, and know the Holy Spirit is doing an amazing work in his life as well.


Anita and I had the pleasure to spend an afternoon at James Golden, AKA "Bo Snerdley's" house yesterday. Such good conversation. We met his wonderful family, made paper airplanes with the kids, and just had an awesome time together. Looking forward to our next visit!

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Prayer Stations recently attended the Youth With A Mission Leaders Conference at the Bonclarken Conference Center in Flat Rock, North Carolina. We had an amazing time of fellowship and educational sessions, led by Renaut van der Riet and Phil Manginelli. We had the opportunity to setup a Prayer Station and a couple of the new Prayer Station Flags for the leaders to check out, and we also had several cases of the new book out by Prayer Station Founder, Nick Savoca. 

By the end of the week, we had sold out of the Prayer Stations & Prayer Station Flags we had brought with us, and taken several other orders. We have already received amazing reports & pictures from YWAM Philly, who are using Prayer Stations to get many salvation and re-commitments to Christ.

To learn more about Prayer Stations, or to order one of your own, please go to: www.prayerstations.org

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