March 2024

There is power in persistent prayer. - Micah 7:7
It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through March!!! Spring is just a few short days away. New life is springing up all around us and with it the eternal promise of salvation that Easter brings!

Let’s Catch Up (written by Anita)
January is always a busy month for us. In addition to our ministry activities, we also run the Prayer Station office full time. So January is full of year end purging, renewing all of the bookkeeping files, preparing documents for the accountant and numerous year end reports for our annual board meeting.

This past year we were thrilled to report some awesome highlights with the Prayer Station ministry:
   • Several Prayer Station outreach partnerships with local ministries.
   • Updated the Prayer Station website and online store.
   • Introduced our new Prayer Station Table - making it our sixth Prayer Station option.
   • Partnership with pastors in Fort Pierce who host a Prayer Station weekly in their area.
   • Meeting with Herr Foods in Pennsylvania $5,000 donation towards the goal of 100 Prayer Stations in Philadelphia.
   • 40 Prayer Stations commissioned to the streets of Philadelphia - bringing the current number to 67 of the 100 goal total.

In February I traveled to Long Island with our older daughter, Karissa, to take care of some ministry business and then accompany my daughter to New York City as she had work to attend to there. We enjoyed every minute of our mother daughter trip, family, friends, Italian food, pizza, bagels and our favorite bakery - Alpine!
Some of you know our COVID story of God’s miraculous healing in both Ron and I in September 2021. Since that experience, God allowed for some amazing opportunities. The first was each of us writing a chapter in two different books from our personal perspectives of our journey. Ron wrote in, ”Men of Honor - Overcoming Adversity”, and I wrote in, ”Surrendered - Yielded With Purpose”.

Both of these books are available today!
The second opportunity came about after Ron and I sat down for 3 days following his miraculous exit from the hospital and wrote out all of the practical things we had learned and done - giving God the first place of honor and thanks for our healing. We shared this information on my personal life coaching website and it took off like wildfire. A Christian medical doctor was given the information we wrote and contacted me directly. Dr. C expressed to us that she desired to network with us, as she had been treating COVID patients from the start and we touched on so much that she was doing.

Three weeks later, we met face to face and held our first in person Frontline Community Care Network (FLCCN) Summit with 26 medical professionals in our home. The purpose of our group is to bring education, resources, community and the hope of Jesus to our individual communities and beyond. We started holding Zoom calls every other week with highly educated and prestigious guests that share their expertise in many areas of health and wellness. We are honored that God has allowed us to be a part of something so great. Seeing lives changed from the inside out - body, soul and spirit! If you would like to learn more or be informed about our upcoming Zoom calls, you can visit

Currently we are writing to you from Asheville, North Carolina where we are spending a few short days with Ron’s Mom and family. Ron’s Mom has undergone 4 intensive surgeries since September 2023 and next month she will undergo yet another very serious heart surgery. She has been through so much and yet her faith and hope in God is unwavering. Thank you to so many that have lifted her in prayer - she feels your prayers!
PIGEON FORGE (written by Ron)
I was contacted a few weeks ago from a pastor in the Pigeon Forge Tennessee area. He had read Nick & Rozanne Savoca’s book, “Five Little Words… May I Pray For You?“ about a year and a half ago and was interested in purchasing a Prayer Station for their church. We struck up a conversation and he mentioned that his wife worked at Dollywood and the chaplain there might be interested in Prayer Stations to be placed in Dollywood. Wow, what an opportunity!

We immediately set up a meeting with the pastor and the Dollywood chaplain, as well as other pastors in the area to present them with the Prayer Station ministry. The church has already purchased a Classic Prayer Station that we will hand deliver. We have also brought along three Prayer Station Flags in case the pastors are interested in purchasing a Prayer Station on the spot. We will keep you up to date. 

Please keep this opportunity in prayer!
May you and your families be blessed as you celebrate together this beautiful Easter season of God’s love and salvation! We are so incredibly grateful for each of you that love on us, encourage us, pray for us and support us in such amazing ways!

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