August 2023

Ron and I count it an honor to have this opportunity to briefly share with you about where we have come in the past few years and the amazing ministry that we get to do!

What have the Setrans been up to?

I have had the privilege of serving as the Executive Director for the Prayer Stations ministry for the last 6 years following our BIG move from New York. It has been an amazing journey having now served in full time missions for over 25 years. For 23 of those years, Ron worked a full time job to supply for our family and spent most of his spare time serving the ministry with his many talents. Then in September of 2021, we almost lost Ron to COVID pneumonia and it was while he lay dying in the COVID ICU that he dedicated the remainder of his years to full time ministry. It has been almost two years since then and God has done amazing things in supplying for our family as we stepped out in faith, and in birthing new vision for the ministry. I’m so excited to say that Ron has now been serving full time as our Director of Operations since January 2022.


Prayer Stations is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). What started out as a table and tall red banner with the words PRAYER STATION emblazoned on it, has turned into an effective street evangelism ministry with flags, tents, table covers, hats, t-shirts and more. Prayer Station banners have now been translated into 13 languages.
Our focus is prayer evangelism, meeting people’s felt needs through prayer and then their eternal need through Jesus. Testimonies pour in regularly sharing how powerful and disarming this ministry tool is. Many thousands of churches, teams and individuals have used Prayer Stations globally, offering people of all cultures and communities the opportunity to be prayed for, and to learn more about the love of Jesus and His wonderful message of Salvation.

What is the VISION for the future?

Our world is in desperate need of Jesus. It is our honor to work alongside my parents and continue the work that God started through them. We desire to rapidly increase the number of churches and ministries facilitated with a Prayer Station in every community across our country and the world.

Our Family

 Ron and I will be celebrating 31 years of marriage this September.

Our son Caleb has been married to his wife Diana for three years. Caleb is a machine operator in Palm Beach and Diana works in the OB department of our local hospital. They gave us our first grandbaby, Ayla Rose just 9 months ago. We adore her!

Our daughter Karissa graduated from Southeastern University in May of 2021 and is now working full time. She currently has a strong love interest, but no engagement news to share as of yet.
Our youngest daughter is the one that Jesus is allowing us to keep forever. Kiersten will be 20 this November and she has Down Syndrome. Kiersten currently attends school in the Life Skills program and absolutely loves it! She has faced several medical hurdles and we have seen God work many miracles on her behalf. Kiersten LOVES doing Prayer Stations with us, especially when we are out on the streets praying for people!

What is this all about?

Ron and I want to be completely transparent with you, because we appreciate it when people are completely transparent with us. This is indeed our first family fundraising letter in well over 2 decades. As many of you know, I grew up in a missionary family who trusted God for every last dollar, whether that was to pay the household bills, money for outreaches, family expenses, the family car, groceries, taxes and even the finances to enjoy a family getaway. My parents never received a paycheck, in fact they still don’t and their testimony has always been that GOD IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL! Daily they taught us that God truly supplies for all of our needs and is beyond generous to His kids.
Therefore, I have seen God’s provision time and time again, and I have seen God use many outlets to provide. For Ron and I and our family, that provision had most often been through the full time employment that Ron had for over 25 years, which allowed me to be fully immersed in full time missions with very little financial missionary support of my own. We raised our family this way and God was always faithful. Now God has called Ron and I to another level of faith. A level that is requiring us to move outside of our own comfort zone of full time employment and side hustles, to completely trust that He has got us covered, just as I saw Him do throughout all of my younger years.

We consider this a Team Partnership

It was always clear to me growing up that everyone who prayed or financially supported our family were as much a part of our mission’s work as we were! That’s why we know how special, important and valuable a Support Team really is.
A team is made up of many moving parts and contributors. We are writing to see if you might prayerfully consider becoming one of our team partners.

In return, we also want to be on your team! We will do that by praying for you, your family and your business, trusting that God will bless you and supply for every need - financial or otherwise.

Our Needs

Together, in January 2022, we went ALL IN - stepping out in faith to obey God’s calling. While we have raised some of our budget, we still need an additional $5,000 per month of committed support to meet our family’s needs. Our entire marriage has truly been a faith walk, but this is a whole new season for us.

Ron and I are humbly asking if you would prayerfully consider investing in our family. We would love to talk to you in person, over the phone, via Zoom, whatever works for you.

Here are some answers to the most common financial support questions:

• YWAM missionaries do not receive a salary. We are all responsible for raising our own support.
• All donations made to Prayer Stations are income tax deductible for the donor.
• Our financial support is processed through the Prayer Stations account. 
• We, Ron and Anita Setran, are responsible to pay income tax on any support that we raise.

Options to financially support the Setrans


Made payable and sent to:
Prayer Stations
9879 150th CT N
Jupiter, FL 33478
(Our names should not appear anywhere on the check in order to protect
the donor’s tax exemption.)


We would love for you to visit the Prayer Station website:
Our hearts are filled with joy every day to be a part of a ministry that is changing lives and communities for eternity!
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