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Ron and I want to share the protocol that I compiled through Ron's health crisis. We feel strongly that the world needs to know that there are tools that work in this fight against Covid-19.  It's time people knew the truth and lives were saved!  
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Thank you to our many family and friends for all of your love, care, encouragement and prayers! God worked a miracle and we are forever grateful!

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Setran’s Covid Journey

As a family, we spent the first 18 months of this pandemic mostly on the fringe. A lot of time was spent researching, reading and, let’s be honest, stocking up on all things essential oils, supplements, vitamins and yes, toilet paper... LOL

Our family didn’t live in fear of it, we knew God was in control even when our world seemed so out of control, but there was an unknown factor in it all.

In July of 2021, our oldest daughter, Karissa, tested positive for Covid. It started as a sore throat, but then quickly became full body aches and pains with a low grade fever. For 10 days she quarantined in her bedroom, which she absolutely loved! (Seriously, the kid loves the solitude of her room and her lovely bed that feels like you're sleeping in a cloud!) Karissa was prescribed Ivermectin, a Z-pack, Pepcid and cough meds. I would bring in her meals and pick up the empty tray 3 times a day. I wore gloves and a mask to ensure that the family felt safe and none of the rest of us got sick.
Thankfully, Karissa was well enough to join us all on our family vacation the first week in August and we thought it was all behind us. Then our youngest daughter, Kiersten, went back to school on August 10th and after two weeks back she came down with different symptoms that led us to believe that she had some kind of an intestinal issue. After a few days of upset stomach and vomiting issues, Kiersten also tested positive for Covid. It was a little harder to keep our little one in quarantine, as she has Down Syndrome, and with all of her symptoms it was inevitable that both Ron and I would become ill as well.

Ron and I both tested positive for Covid on August 25, 2021 and then our son, Caleb, tested positive on August 31, 2021. It was a family affair…unfortunately! However, we were grateful that our daughter in law, Diana, never became ill during this season of time.
In that first week, our bedroom was the quarantine room. It was Ron, Caleb, Kiersten and I all together so that we could at least help one another. By the end of August, both Caleb and Kiersten tested negative and were doing much better. However, Ron and I seemed to be going downhill.

By August 31st, we were both coughing so much, the weakness was extreme and the Covid brain fog was creeping in. In our cases it caused us to not be able to speak our words out loud in a way that made sense, while in our minds our words were clear, our thoughts precise, yet trapped, and we were unable to communicate well. Our breathing was labored and we were grateful for the use of my Mom’s oxygen machine for extra support. I had another telehealth appointment that Tuesday morning with the doctor who prescribed another dose of Ivermectin for me. By the afternoon, we decided that we needed to get to an ER for fluids and an assessment. Karissa drove us to a hospital in Martin County. It was there that we faced our first discrimination in regards to being Covid patients and also being unvaxxed.
For Ron and I Covid started out as a sore throat and headache, but then I quickly started going down hill. Severe body aches, fever, cough, no appetite, and OH MY - the weakness was terrible. Ron started out the same, but for the first week, he seemed to be kicking it much better than I was. In fact, the doctor said that Ron was “out of the woods”. We were prescribed Ivermectin, Prednisone, Pepcid, Budesonide breathing treatments for the nebulizer, Z-Pack and then following that was Doxycycline.
When we first departed for the hospital everyone was so worried about me, but I remember that it was during that trip that I took that 3rd dose of Ivermectin - the one Ron did not have. Upon arrival, we were both brought into a shared room in the ER in wheelchairs. The weakness was so severe and our lungs felt like we were being hugged so tight that we simply couldn’t inhale. Over a very short amount of time I could see that Ron was definitely NOT out of the woods, in fact, he seemed a little too deep in the woods. He could barely breathe in the mask that they required and kept having to remove it to get air. His coughing was increasing and he could barely talk. The doctor was rude, uncaring, and judgmental. Even though the doctor was fully vaxxed, wore 2 masks, a face guard, hospital gowns, a head covering, gloves, covered shoes, and stayed as close to the door as he could, he kept telling Ron (who at this point could barely breathe and could not stop coughing) to keep his mask on in order to protect the doctor.

Now, before I say anymore, I will say this - we get it - fear was everywhere. In our world fear had become what fueled every decision, overcame common sense, and separated families. It wasn’t even the doctor’s fault necessarily - they were being fed fear daily by the CDC, the NIH, the government, Fauci, the news and so many other outlets. Fear was the new normal.
They started an IV on me, then took blood from both of us and came in for a chest X-Ray. It was then that we learned that Ron had the beginning stages of Covid Pneumonia. When I tell you that we were then rushed out of the hospital, that is no exaggeration. Within minutes of Ron’s diagnosis, they unhooked my IV, which I had received about ⅛ of the bag and they brought a wheelchair for Ron and had me walk out of the ER because they didn’t want to wait for the second wheelchair. We were not even permitted to sit in the air conditioned ER waiting room for Karissa to return to the hospital to pick us up. It was the humid and the hot sun of south Florida beat down on us, stealing any ounce of fight we had left in us.

Within ten minutes Karissa arrived and brought us home. There was a sense of discouragement and also bewilderment. How could it be that in the United States of America we would be treated like a leper, not given any treatment or medicine and quickly ushered out to the street?

Over the next 48 hours, I watched helplessly as Ron became worse and worse. His coughing increased and without the assistance of the oxygen machine his oxygen saturation fell well under 90. While at the same time, I was having signs of improvement.
The night of September 1st we both turned a corner. Me for the better and Ron for the worse. His coughing was severe and he couldn't catch his breath. I had fallen asleep and he didn’t want to disturb me, so he wheeled the oxygen machine out of the room, sat down at his computer and wrote a letter to the kids. He saw that his body was failing more and more with every passing hour, so he wanted to ensure that each of them knew just how much he loved them and to never let go of Jesus.

This letter remained a mystery to us until several days later when Karissa went onto his computer to look up some info regarding Covid management - Ron was already in the Covid ICU and reading these messages left behind brought us to tears.

September 2nd
I remember waking up on September 2nd thinking…I slept. It was the first night I had only woken a couple of times and it was the first time I had felt that my body was fighting back. That feeling of hope was quickly dashed when I realized how much Ron was suffering. While my body was strengthening, his body was weakening. I didn’t know what to do. Up until just a couple days prior our mentality was such that when you see your loved one this sick, you take them to the hospital and you get them help. Now I just didn’t know. I tried to get another telehealth appointment for Ron, but they couldn’t fit him in until later and I knew in my heart that something needed to be done now. Karissa helped me pack a small bag and we tried to see if we could get the oxygen machine to work in our car. Afterall, it was a 25 minute drive to the hospital and he couldn’t go a minute without the support of additional oxygen. The machine required more energy to run than my car could maintain - so that was out.

God answers prayer…
I felt helpless and confused. I sat down at my desk, head in my hands and prayed that God would make it clear to me if we should try to drive Ron to the hospital or if we needed to call for an ambulance. At that very moment, Karissa came running out to me with the digital thermometer - BRIGHT RED - and reading 105.1. That was it, I had my answer. While Karissa grabbed ice packs and cold compresses and put them all over her Dad, I immediately called for an ambulance. The next 30 minutes were a whirlwind. The ambulance arrived in record time, that was God - we don’t live in town, so we expected that we would wait a while. They quickly strapped Ron into the gurney and he was whisked into the ambulance before I even had time to give him a final kiss goodbye. I told them which hospital we wanted Ron to go to and we knew it wasn’t the closest one, so as expected they denied my request. Ron heard my request and their denial and in that one and only moment of clarity in the ambulance that he can remember, he told them that if they didn’t take him to the hospital I requested then he was getting out. That’s all it took - they agreed and within minutes of getting him on an IV, oxygen and checking his vitals they were on their way.

I don’t remember much about the ride, but remember pulling up in front of the hospital and the ambulance techs wheeling me inside and directly into my own room in the ER. There were nurses there that immediately got me into a chair and got me changed into a gown. They put me on 10 liters of oxygen, and although it was helping me, it was still difficult to breathe. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I made some family calls, which were quite emotional. One main theme you will hear throughout this story is how a near death experience can bring a sober reality to the fact that you have one life to live, and you never know when it will end… for you, or for those around you.

Live life to the full and re-prioritize if you have gotten off track.

I stayed in the first ER room for several hours, and was then transferred to the 3rd floor, which was a covid specific floor. I noticed upon arriving that it was a room capable of housing two people, so I asked if there was the potential that I would end up with someone else in the room. The nurse replied that it was indeed possible, but not probable. He spoke too soon. The next day they brought in an elderly Indian man who had a penchant for peeking around the privacy curtain so he could just stand there and stare at me. I could barely breathe, let alone talk. So began the staring contests...

Once Ron arrived at the hospital we were immediately met with many extremely important health decisions. Most important was the protocol that the hospital was laying out. This was the first time either of us had heard of Remdesivir, a drug that is part of the protocol that comes down from the top - and I do mean the TOP. It was the beginning of our crash course education in what is really happening in our country and our world.
We found ourselves very conflicted and searching for the truth. There were those telling us that Remdesivir will fill Ron’s kidneys and liver with fluid, thereby shutting them both down, within days his lungs will fill with fluid, which will result in them putting him on a ventilator and following that…death. While the hospital doctors were telling us if we don’t choose Remdesivir, immediately, that Ron won’t make it through the night.

Again, we found ourselves trusting the system and believing that they had Ron’s best in mind. I mean, right? This is how it’s done. You take your loved one to the hospital and they do everything in their power to make them well again. “Do NO harm”. That’s the oath that every doctor takes. Oh, how our world has changed.

With great reservation, we agreed to Remdesivir, along with steroids, antibiotics and so much more. They started the Remdesivir the night of September 2nd. It is an infusion treatment given once a day for 5 days straight. In Ron’s case, they continued this treatment for 11 days without us approving them to continue beyond the first 5 days. My daily prayer was, “Lord, we trust you, you are the great physician and you know exactly what Ron’s body needs. So please Lord, if they are attempting to put any poison in Ron’s body, would you remove it and fill his veins with the medicine from heaven that will heal him and restore every inch of his body”.

The rest of the story will be coming soon!

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