Pray for Anita

Posted by Ron Setran

Yesterday was a difficult day. Anita woke me up at 5am in serious pain and her tongue was numb so it made communication difficult. She had already been texting with a medical friend and relayed her symptoms to him: A massive amount of pain in her head, primarily on the left side, and the back of her tongue was numb. She was feeling nausea at times, and was feeling a different type of sensation on the left side of her body. It was recommended that we not take a chance on it being a stroke or other serious condition, so we knew we had to get it checked.

She normally gets up at 5:45am to get our daughter ready for school, so our other daughter Karissa helped take over the normal morning routine while Anita stayed in our dark bedroom due to the light and sound affecting her in a negative way.

We got to the hospital and they proceeded to run a cat scan and MRI to see what they were dealing with. We were very happy to hear that the hospital had changed the rules on having visitors and I was able to stay with her throughout the day. Major thanks to Grandma and Poppa for taking care of Kiersten after school!

After a few hours the neurologist had a consult with us and said he felt it was a severe migraine, which Anita hadn't had since she was much younger, and even then it wasn't like this. He prescribed what they call a "migraine cocktail" and that thankfully started to give her some relief. The hospital made the decision to keep her overnight for observation, and to insure that she continued to improve.

Unfortunately, she had been set to be the main speaker on a Frontline Community Care Network zoom call at 8pm and was hosting the call, so I left her in the evening to come home and setup the zoom call for Dr. Cindy to take over (thanks Dr. Cindy).

I got a small taste of what it is like to have your best friend and life partner in the hospital and let me tell you, I can't imagine how I would feel if the roles had been reversed back in September 2021. I am super grateful that it wasn't a life threatening situation and glad to know I am going to pick her up in a couple of hours.

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