Financial Coaching & Education

It is not uncommon for people to find themselves with a lack of understanding when it comes to finances. Handling your personal finances for both the short & long term can be a complicated and a potentially daunting process. Having a financial coach can go a long way in easing concerns and ensuring you are maximizing your wealth while helping you gain an understanding of money and how to get your money to work for you. We use various strategies and services specific to you and your needs to help you accomplish your goals and get you moving in the right direction.

Looking to maximize on the money you earn and reduce the risk of loss? We work with you toward achieving your financial goals by sitting with you to help us gain an understanding of your specific financial needs and can then help you make informed decisions.

We help you manage your finances with both the short- and long-term in mind, providing you with a game plan to reach financial success specific to your life while simultaneously getting you a financial education. 

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About Us

We coach students, teachers, professionals, businesses and families in financial literacy, reorganizing expenses to maximize every dollar, and write comprehensive plans to help people achieve their financial goals.

Our Map to Success

Spark New Life represents a firm with more than 7.5 million clients nationwide and Canada, distributing services through well known companies and brands.

Comprehensive Career Coaching

Whether you’re seeking financial help, want more work/life balance, or you might be interested in a new career direction, we can help you.

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