Freedom Place isn't just a platform or a marketplace or a next-generation advertising medium. It’s a new ecosphere based on new rules for buying and selling… which the people of freedom, faith, and family are leading. 

We're all for "Buy American", "Vote with your Dollars", Patriot marketplaces, etc,  but they deal with the symptoms, not the cause.b

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and just about every other social media service got rich from us passing their links and businesses paying for top ranking. We’re offering the same thing but the money will instead go back to the people… because we’re all connected and no longer need big media and big tech to broker our buying and selling.

There are 100 million+ who want out of this corrupt, totalitarian ecosphere. So LET’S GO…


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Join for free. Get your own link. Pass it on. That's it.

We’ve built a new ecosphere with new rules.

What we’re like is Affiliate Marketing, but BETTER. You might ask “what is Affiliate Marketing?” because not surprisingly, many have not heard this term before. This is how affiliate marketing works. You get a link. That link connects you to the sale of a product online. As soon as someone clicks the link and buys the product you make a commission. No need to keep inventory. No worrying about shipping. But good luck getting someone to click that link… It’s very hard to do. And it can get expensive as well. That’s why businesses love it. They get a bunch of sales people out there that only get paid commissions, passing their links and promoting their products and services at no cost to them until they make a sale and only then do they have to pay.

Conversely, we’ve created an entirely new ecosphere with a new set of rules for buying and selling where the money goes to people instead of big media and big tech.

We’re all connected. Why do we need these companies to broker our buying and selling? To get this new ecosphere up and running, we are providing individual links to all the people and businesses that sign up so they can then sign up as many businesses and consumers as possible. That's it. It's that simple.

Some are suspicious of something that simple. Here is a link directly to our Privacy Policy.

Now let's dive a little deeper…

Every time a business or a consumer signs up for free, they are opening the door to this new ecosphere and beginning the process of stepping away from the old one. Additionally, the link they signed up on keeps going…

Each person is provided with their own link and this gets them instantly connected into the potential 100 million. Once we have 20 to 50 million people connected (which we plan to hit by October), the first phase of buying and selling will be turned on. All the businesses and consumers who clicked a link and joined for free will begin making commissions off of all the people they passed their link to.

We track four viral passes. Just like Youtube tracks their views…they don't just track who you pass a link to, they track who they passed it to... and who they passed it to... in the same way, instead of YouTube making the money off that exact same process, you get to make the money.

In our new rules economy, the money doesn't go to big media and tech companies, it goes to four friends of the buyer. If someone buys something inside the new marketplace, it makes four people a commission. Businesses are no longer competing for top of page ranking by paying these media companies the most money. They will now compete based on who is paying our members the most money. That's exactly why you want to join for free and pass a link.

Every sale not only produces a commission for four “Friends” of the buyer, it also goes viral on its own.

Let’s look at a quick example…

When someone on your fourth wave buys tires and it makes four people a commission of say, $5 each, those four people will get a notification saying, “You just made $5 on a tire sale from Joe’s tires… Would you like to spread the word for this buy at Joe’s Tires? Click Here.” So all those times you passed your link for free to sign up people and businesses for free, all of those consumers and businesses in effect “belong” to you. And all that buying and selling that used to take place 100% at risk on money that went directly to Facebook, Youtube, CBS, etc… it now goes back to the buyers… but only after a sale is made…. 100% risk free.

Do you think the businesses would rather pay these big media and big tech companies their hard earned money at 100% risk to get clicks, impressions and rating points? Or, would they rather pay only for sales, knowing their ranking dollars goes directly to their buyers and their future buyers, who will be promoting them after making sales??

Think about it. LET'S TAKE IT BACK.


Join for free. Get your own link. Pass it on. That's it.
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